Set yourself apart from the crowd while keeping your drinks cool this summer with the Offical Dumpster Fire Diving Podcast™ Can Holder. Is it a bit expensive? Yes, but at the end of the day, you want to flex on your friends and family and possibly some strangers as you show them all that you're an Offical Trashbag™. Makes a great gift for any drunk on the go, buy one for the whole squad, or just be selfish and buy one for yourself and covet it. Tell your friend, "NO YOU GO GRAB ONE OF THE CHEAP LOW-QUALITY FOAM KOOZIES OR GUY BUY YOUR OWN FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE." Watch him sit on the sideline, dejected and ashamed that he didn't purchase this project as you garner all the attention from your peers because of your superior taste in drinkware.

 It features an anti-slip surface and has a smooth metal finish.

.: Stainless steel
.: Fits a 12oz can or bottle
.: Removable plastic lid with rubber overlay

Height, in 4.85
Diameter, in 3.12

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Official Dumpster Fire Diving Podcast™ Can Holder

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